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My mission with the Magna Wave is to help provide relief and other alternative ways to treat humans and animals. Reducing the number of medications that we put into our bodies. I’ve worked with show horses for over 30 years. So I’ve experienced many situations from colic to founder. I do travel to farm locations and travel to horse shows. I am certified by Magna Wave. I treat humans, small animals, and equines.

Magna Wave has been working with PEMF Therapy equipment for 15 years. I chose Magna Wave PEMF for our treatments because of their reputation as the best in the industry. I have seen great success with treating people, horses, and pets, and can’t wait to share this therapy with you. Contact me to schedule your treatment.

 We use the Magna Wave Maia!
It’s perfect for humans and small animals with short treatment times!


Hundreds of success stories

Magnawaving is great for anyone! Magna Wave PEMF is the wave of the future for health and wellness.

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